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THE FINAL JUDGMENT. Chapter 1. The fearless steadfastness of a Prophet

I The air inside the conference room was heavy with tension, as world leaders from various nations gathered around a polished mahogany table. The room exuded an aura of power and authority, with armed guards stationed at every corner. The leaders were engaged in hushed conversations, their expressions a mix of curiosity and suspicion.

Amidst this sea of influential figures, Hugo Noël sat quietly, his presence almost unnoticeable amidst the grandeur of the room. Yet, there was an intensity in his gaze, a flicker of hidden knowledge that hinted at the depths of his being. Little did the leaders know that Hugo Noël held within him the power to unravel their malevolent plans.

As the discussions droned on, the conversation shifted towards the impact of ideas on the human psyche. One leader, a seasoned politician known for his eloquence, spoke up, "We live in two dimensions, my friends. The realm of matter, where we move and interact, and the realm of the mind, where thoughts converge and shape our perception of reality. It is in this realm of ideas that a single person can wield immense influence."

Hugo listened intently, his mind resonating with the speaker's words. He understood the profound truth behind them. The world, he believed, was not only shaped by actions and physical encounters, but also by the exchange of ideas and the power of dialogue.

Unbeknownst to the leaders, Hugo Noël had already made his mark on the world stage with his previous book, "The Invisible Prophet." Its impact had reverberated across the globe, stirring minds and challenging the status quo. And now, as he sat among the most influential, powerful, and intelligent individuals, they began to take notice of him.

Whispers filled the room as the leaders exchanged glances, assessing the unassuming figure before them. They were intrigued by this enigmatic presence who had captivated the minds of so many. However, what they failed to realize was that Hugo Noël was not merely a passive observer. He, too, was judging them, evaluating their intentions and actions.

The moment was approaching when the voice of Hugo would resound like thunder, breaking the facade of power and revealing the truth hidden beneath. The leaders, accustomed to being the judges and decision-makers, were about to face the scrutiny of one who possessed a profound understanding of human nature and the consequences of their choices.

As the tension mounted and the anticipation grew, the room fell into an uneasy silence. All eyes turned to Hugo Noël, awaiting the words that would challenge their convictions and force them to confront their own moral compasses. The world leaders, oblivious to the storm that was about to be unleashed, would soon realize that their power and influence were no match for the power of one man's ideas.

In that moment, as the weight of the world hung in the balance, the unassuming figure of Hugo Noël would rise to the occasion, his voice echoing through the room with a clarity and conviction that would shake the very foundations of their existence. The dialogue between Hugo and the leaders was about to begin, a clash of ideologies that would shape the destiny of nations and leave an indelible mark on the pages of history.

II As the discussions meandered towards the contemplation of a fourth attack, Hugo Noël's instincts stirred within him, a silent symphony of urgency and intuition. The weight of silence threatened to suffocate him, for he knew all too well that remaining silent in the face of impending catastrophe would unleash a torrential deluge upon the world.

With a deliberate clearing of his throat, Hugo Noël drew their attention, his presence commanding the room. The cacophony of voices hushed, as if attuned to the pulse of his words, awaiting the revelation that would reverberate through their consciousness.

"Esteemed leaders," he began, his voice resonating with a depth that belied his unassuming demeanor, "we find ourselves in a critical juncture, a pivotal moment in history where the threads of nations hang precariously in the balance. The current discourse has veered towards a path that we dare not tread lightly."

Leader 1 from the US turned towards Hugo, his eyes reflecting both curiosity and skepticism. The others, Leader 2 from France and Leader 3 from Russia, gazed upon him with a mix of intrigue and caution, their expressions betraying the inner turmoil that echoed within their hearts.

"With every decision we make," Hugo continued, his words weaving a delicate tapestry of introspection, "we must recognize the profound consequences that ripple through the lives of countless souls. Silence, dear colleagues, is a luxury we can ill afford in the face of cataclysmic possibilities."

Leader 2's skeptical voice interjected, tinged with a hint of apprehension, "And what, pray tell, do you propose in this intricate web of complexities, Monsieur Noël?"

Hugo Noël, undeterred, gazed into the distance, his eyes reflecting a reservoir of unspoken truths. "I propose," he declared, his voice firm and unwavering, "that we transcend the limitations of our fears and delve into the realm of compassionate reasoning. We must unearth alternatives, unravel the threads of diplomacy, and dare to chart a course where violence is eclipsed by dialogue."

Leader 3, ever the cautious strategist, voiced the concerns that swirled within their collective conscience. "Hugo, the path you speak of is fraught with uncertainty. The risks we face are formidable, and prudence must guide our choices."

Hugo Noël, his spirit aflame with conviction, countered with fervour, "Yes, the path I propose is not one devoid of risks. But let us not forget, esteemed leaders, that true security lies not solely in the arsenal of weapons, but in the power of empathy, in the bonds we forge through understanding."

The room fell silent, each leader contemplating the weight of Hugo's words. Leader 1, with a furrowed brow and contemplative gaze, acknowledged the resonant truth embedded within them. "Hugo, your ideals shimmer with a noble brilliance, but can they withstand the tempestuous winds of our reality?"

Hugo Noël, the embodiment of steadfast determination, looked into their eyes, his voice infused with unwavering resolve. "It is precisely because of the tempestuous winds that we must cling fiercely to our ideals. In the labyrinthine corridors of power, where the embers of destiny flickered, there emerged the tale of a valiant Spartan king named Leonidas, who dared to defy the might of a formidable Persian empire. With his Spartan warriors standing like a resolute wall of bronze, they braved the swirling chaos of battle, their spirits aflame with unyielding determination. Their resounding cry echoed through the annals of time, a clarion call of unwavering conviction that defied the odds and carved a legend into the tapestry of history. Amidst the hallowed halls of ancient Athens, where wisdom danced on the lips of philosophers, there arose a figure unlike any other. Socrates, a philosopher with a mind ablaze with relentless curiosity, challenged the very foundations of society. He unraveled the threads of conventional wisdom, weaving new patterns of thought that shook the complacent souls of his fellow Athenians. Despite the dark clouds of condemnation looming over him, he remained steadfast in his pursuit of truth, his voice a beacon of intellectual defiance that would resonate through the ages. Across the rolling hills of medieval France, a young maiden named Joan of Arc emerged as a mystical force, guided by divine whispers that echoed in her dreams. With unyielding faith and unwavering courage, she rallied her compatriots against the oppressive yoke of English domination. Her sword, ablaze with righteous fervor, cleaved through the darkness of uncertainty, igniting the flames of hope and liberation in the hearts of her fellow countrymen. In the untamed frontiers of a nascent America, a band of audacious visionaries confronted the shackles of tyranny. Their pens, dipped in the ink of revolution, scripted a declaration that resonated across oceans and generations. With their words, they kindled the flames of freedom, birthing a nation founded on the principles of liberty and self-determination. Within the suffocating confines of patriarchal society, women found their voices silenced, their dreams shackled. Yet, against this backdrop of oppression, a chorus of fierce women rose from the shadows. With unwavering determination and the fire of rebellion burning in their souls, they fought for suffrage, challenging the very fabric of societal norms. Their collective voices, like a tempest that sweeps away all obstacles, shattered the glass ceiling and paved the way for future generations to dream without limits. In the deep South, where racial injustice cast its long shadow, brave souls emerged to challenge the status quo. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man of profound vision and eloquent words, stood at the forefront of a movement that aimed to tear down the walls of segregation. With unwavering conviction, he wielded the power of peaceful resistance, his voice resounding like a mighty river that could not be contained. Rosa Parks, a quiet seamstress, ignited a spark that set the wheels of change in motion when she refused to surrender her seat on a bus, becoming an indomitable symbol of courage and defiance. These stories, dear colleague, are but a glimpse into the rich tapestry of human history, where singular voices rise above the clamor and leave an indelible mark. Like magical realist tales spun by the master himself, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, they remind us that even the most ordinary of individuals can become extraordinary when driven by unwavering conviction. Through their struggles and triumphs, they illuminate the human spirit, transcending the boundaries of time and geography, forever etching their stories into the collective memory of mankind.”

A moment of profound contemplation enveloped the room, as the weight of Hugo Noël's words settled upon their collective consciousness. The flickering candlelight cast dancing shadows upon their faces, mirroring the flicker of doubt and hope that battled within their souls.

Leader 2, breaking the silence, his voice now laced with a hint of vulnerability, queried, "But, Hugo, can one man truly make a difference? Can your convictions withstand the tides of resistance and entrenched power?"

Hugo Noël, his eyes ablaze with an unwavering belief, met Leader 2's gaze. He stood before the assembled leaders of the world, his voice resonating with a mix of authority and compassion. With a commanding presence, he addressed them, his words carrying the weight of history and the promise of a brighter future.

"In the annals of history, dear colleagues," Hugo began, his eyes scanning the room, "it is often the singular voice, the unwavering conviction of a solitary soul, that ignites the flames of transformation. Change begins with a single spark, and it is up to each of us, as custodians of our shared destiny, to fan that spark into a roaring fire of enlightenment."

He paused, allowing his words to sink in, and then continued, drawing examples from the pages of Plutarch, Herodotus, Livy, Suetonius, Tacitus, and Polybius.

"Take, for instance, the great conqueror Alexander the Great," Hugo stated, his voice resonating with admiration. "His unyielding determination and unwavering conviction in his divine destiny transformed the ancient world, spreading Hellenistic culture and Greek influence across vast territories."

His gaze shifted, capturing the attention of each leader in the room.

"Or consider the story of Themistocles, who rallied his compatriots against the Persian Empire," Hugo continued, his voice carrying a sense of inspiration. "His unwavering belief in the power of naval warfare during the Battle of Salamis became the turning point that safeguarded Greek independence."

Hugo's words painted vivid pictures of historical figures who embodied the power of conviction and the ability to ignite change.

"Let us not forget the heroism of Horatius Cocles, defending the bridge against the Etruscan army, or the visionary Julius Caesar, challenging the authority of the Roman Senate," he stated, his tone shifting to one of reverence. "Their unwavering conviction reshaped the course of history, leaving an indelible mark on the world."

As Hugo continued to weave his narrative, drawing on the stories of Annibal, Scipio Africanus, and other influential figures, the leaders listened intently, their attention captured by the profound wisdom and insight emanating from his words.

"In each of these historical accounts," Hugo concluded, his voice filled with conviction, "we witness the transformative power of a singular voice, driven by unwavering belief and vision. It is within our collective power to become catalysts for change, shaping the course of our shared destiny and inspiring future generations to fan the spark of transformation into a roaring fire of enlightenment."

Silence filled the room as the leaders absorbed Hugo's words, contemplating the weight of their own convictions and the potential for positive change. Leader 3, a furrowed brow betraying the struggle within, spoke with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension. "And what of the risks, Hugo? What of the turbulence that may ensue? Are we prepared to navigate the uncharted waters that your proposal beckons us towards?"

Hugo Noël, his gaze penetrating the depths of their uncertainty, replied with an air of serene determination. "Dear leaders, it is precisely in the face of risks and turbulence that our true mettle is tested. Our legacy lies not in our adherence to the status quo, but in our audacity to challenge it. The path towards a better world is never smooth, but it is our duty to embark upon it, guided by the compass of compassion and wisdom."

The room remained cloaked in contemplative silence, the weight of their deliberations palpable. Each leader, entrenched in their own thoughts, grappled with the enormity of the decision that lay before them.

Finally, Leader 1, his voice tempered with a newfound resolve, spoke with a resonance that echoed throughout the room. "Hugo, your words have pierced through the fog of doubt that has clouded our minds. Your unwavering faith in the power of compassion and dialogue has reignited a spark within us. Let us, as leaders, rise above our fears and embrace the possibility of a future built upon the foundations of understanding and peace."

And so, in that hallowed chamber, amidst the weight of history and the burdens of their responsibilities, the world leaders found themselves at a crossroads. The choice they made, inspired by the indomitable spirit of Hugo Noël, would shape not only their own destinies but the fate of nations.


As the first seeds of change were sown within their hearts, a glimmer of hope pierced through the darkness, illuminating the path towards a more enlightened and compassionate world. And in that moment, they understood the transformative power of a single voice, the profound impact that one individual, driven by unwavering conviction, could have upon the course of human history.

It was September 2022, a critical juncture in history, when the fate of nations hung precariously in the balance. As the discussions veered toward a fourth attack, Hugo Noël's instincts urged him to take action. He knew the consequences of remaining silent would be catastrophic.

With a determined voice, Hugo Noël spoke out against the brewing conspiracy. His words echoed through the chambers, causing unease among those who had orchestrated the attacks. The room fell into a hushed silence as the weight of his accusations settled upon them.

"You are conspiring against the innocent. Your lust for power blinds you," Hugo Noël declared, his voice carrying a blend of conviction and urgency. "But mark my words, your sinister plans will not succeed. The world will know the truth."

The leaders exchanged furtive glances, realizing that their carefully crafted facade was crumbling under the weight of Hugo's revelations. Fear and uncertainty gripped their hearts as they realized they were facing a force they had underestimated.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the world leaders, a parallel plot was unfolding in the depths of India. Jealousy and insecurity had consumed the hearts of those who had witnessed Hugo Noël's anointment as a prophet in Madras in 2011. They conspired in secret, advising Western powers to orchestrate attacks on Hugo from the shadows.

Yet, fate had a way of weaving unexpected alliances. The wives of the modern Pontius Pilatos, formidable women who possessed their own share of power and influence, had become aware of the brewing conspiracy. They recognized Hugo Noël's true purpose and were determined to protect him at all costs.

As the echoes of Hugo's denunciation reverberated across the globe, a profound shift occurred. His enemies, once emboldened by their malevolence, now recoiled in fear. The courage and conviction of one man had forced them to retreat, their plans temporarily thwarted.

The world watched in awe and disbelief as the unfolding events played out on social media platforms. Hugo Noël's presence grew stronger, his words resonating with millions who sought truth and justice. However, the forces at play were not willing to yield so easily. They retaliated with a calculated move, closing off all public channels of communication to Hugo.

Local journalists, once eager to report on his every word, found themselves restrained and prevented from covering his story. The orders came from above, a powerful hand determined to silence Hugo's voice. Meanwhile, the social media gurus who once amplified his message were coerced into hiding his books, films, and broadcasts, making them nearly impossible to find through public searches.

The educational institutions in Colombia, too, turned their backs on Hugo. Universities and schools shuttered their doors, refusing to acknowledge his mastery of eight languages and his vast erudition and literary production. It seemed as though the world had conspired to bury his voice, to erase his influence from the collective consciousness.

Yet, in the face of adversity, Hugo Noël's resolve only grew stronger. He refused to be silenced by the machinations of those threatened by his message. While his physical reach was limited, his spirit remained steadfast. He sought alternative means to reach those who yearned for his wisdom and guidance.

Undeterred by the barriers placed before him, Hugo tapped into the power of the underground network, a web of individuals who believed in the importance of his mission. Through meditation his message began to spread, seeping into the hearts and minds of those hungry for truth.

The road ahead was treacherous, with obstacles at every turn, but Hugo Noël would not be deterred. He understood that the path to enlightenment was often shrouded in darkness. With unwavering determination, he embarked on a journey to reclaim his voice and ignite a spark of awakening in the hearts of those who had been deprived of his wisdom.

And so, the story of Hugo Noël, survivor of deadly attacks and thwarter of conspiracies, took on a new dimension. It became a tale of resilience in the face of suppression, a testament to the power of truth and the indomitable spirit of one man who refused to be silenced. His voice, though whispered, would find its way to those who needed it most, bringing with it the promise of hope and a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the light of truth can never be extinguished.

IV The drawing-room at No. 4, Mayfair Mansions was bathed in a warm, inviting glow as Hugo Noël, the survivor of three deadly attacks in September 2022, sat opposite his wife Leyla. The air was thick with an unspoken tension, a heavy fog of uncertainty that hung over them. Hugo's fingers traced the rim of his teacup, his gaze fixed on the swirling patterns in the china.

"I must denounce these conspiracies, Leyla," Hugo declared, his voice filled with a resolute determination. "On social media, I shall expose the truth and unmask those who threaten our very existence."

Leyla, her eyes filled with concern, approached him cautiously. "But Hugo, darling, you must exercise caution. These plots run deeper than we can fathom. Your life is in grave danger."

Hugo's eyes met hers, unwavering. "I cannot remain silent, Leyla. The truth must be unveiled, and justice served."

Meanwhile, in a clandestine meeting room in New Delhi, shadowy figures, their identities concealed behind masks, gathered around a dimly lit table. Their hushed whispers filled the room as they plotted their next move against Hugo Noël, driven by envy and fear of his prophetic anointment.

In a luxurious chamber overlooking the Tiber River in Rome, world leaders engaged in a heated discussion. The recent attacks and the growing influence of Hugo Noël were the focal points of their deliberations. They recognized the need to neutralize him, to contain the transformative power he possessed.

Simultaneously, in a secluded office in Moscow, agents of a secret intelligence agency pored over surveillance footage and intercepted communications. The puzzle pieces were gradually coming together, revealing the intricate web of conspiracy surrounding Hugo Noël.

The shadows of intrigue and secrecy hung heavy, threatening to engulf Hugo's every step. Yet, his singular voice resonated with an unwavering conviction that ignited the flames of transformation, challenging the established order.

As the chapter unfolded, the veil of shadows began to lift, revealing the intricate threads of a plot that spanned continents. Hugo Noël, standing at the center of this tumultuous storm, remained steadfast, determined to expose the truth and shed light on the darkness that threatened their world.

Little did they know, within the pages of this mystery, lay the key to unlocking a truth that would shake the foundations of their existence. The stage was set, the players assembled, and the game was afoot. The chase had begun, with Hugo Noël at its epicenter, navigating the treacherous labyrinth of conspiracy, as the suspense thickened and the stakes soared.

Only time would tell if Hugo could unravel the intricate web and emerge victorious, or if the shadows would consume him and his quest for truth.


The autumn leaves danced in the crisp November air as Hugo Noël embarked on a journey to Spain and France, seeking solace and a fresh start. The weight of disillusionment and the inability to find a suitable job in his homeland of Colombia had pushed him to the brink of despair. The extreme left's iron grip on the arts and film grants had left little room for voices like his, stifling his creative spirit.

A glimmer of hope emerged when Hugo received an invitation from his cousin Jaime, a weathered man of 57, to stay at his humble abode in Manresa, a quaint town near Barcelona. Jaime, recognizing Hugo's plight, offered a sanctuary where he could regroup and explore new possibilities.

With weary eyes and a heavy heart, Hugo embarked on the journey, leaving behind the familiar streets of Bucaramanga for the unfamiliar terrain of Catalonia. The landscape unfolded before him, a tapestry of rolling hills and picturesque villages, as if nature herself were welcoming him to a land of possibilities.

Arriving at Jaime's doorstep, Hugo was greeted with open arms and a warm embrace. The cozy home exuded a sense of comfort, providing a refuge from the storm that had consumed his life. Jaime, a man weathered by the challenges of existence, understood the struggles that Hugo faced. Together, they embarked on a journey of hope and resilience.

Days turned into weeks as Hugo immersed himself in the vibrant culture of Catalonia. He ventured into the bustling streets of Barcelona, where the echoes of Picasso and Gaudí whispered through the cobblestones. The city's artistic spirit breathed new life into his weary soul, reigniting a fire within him.

But the search for a suitable job proved to be an arduous task. The economic uncertainty that plagued Spain and France had hardened the hearts of employers, leaving little room for newcomers like Hugo. Rejections became a familiar companion, testing his resolve with each passing day.

Yet, amidst the trials and tribulations, there were moments of serendipity. Chance encounters led him to the Manresa Public Library, where he relished his passion for literature. The world seemed to conspire, sending him rays of hope through unexpected avenues.

As December approached, the spirit of Christmas filled the air, carrying with it a sense of renewal and possibility. Jaime, though supportive, gently reminded Hugo of the need to find a stable source of income. The pressures of reality weighed heavily on his shoulders, challenging his pursuit of dreams. Regionalism and nationalism in a post-pandemic Europe had hardened most, leaving him unwelcomed in both countries. Despite securing a job as an English tutor in Paris, fate had a different plan in store for him.

As he purchased his ticket to France, an unexpected interview with a sudden manager altered his course. The moment Hugo's dark skin caught the attention of the blonde lady, her eyes widened in a disapproving manner. Despite his striking features reminiscent of Greek gods, his Colombian heritage bestowed upon him a tan complexion that clashed with her preconceived notions. Consequently, the job offer he had eagerly anticipated was abruptly withdrawn.

However, fortune smiled upon when he applied to a German company based on Spain that offered him an online job opportunity as online tutor. Hugo's teaching position was the result of a meticulous selection process. His comprehensive understanding of the subjects he taught had been assessed through rigorous examinations, which he successfully surpassed. This positioned him as a respected online professor, entrusted with the responsibility of guiding students in their pursuit of knowledge.

It was during his time in Spain that an intriguing event unfolded on television—an announcement of an impending drought. Intrigued, Hugo shared his intention to prevent it with his cousin Jaime.

One day passed, and true to Hugo's words, rain began to grace the Spanish skies daily. This stirred a conversation between Hugo and Jaime, who expressed his disbelief in the existence of God. Hugo, ever the proponent of honesty, truthfulness, and forgiveness, shared his perspective that he placed greater importance on these virtues rather than on the concept of a deity. Such virtues, he believed, formed the essence of all gods.

Hugo's plan to extend his stay in Spain and speak with the managers of Teatre Kursaal, regarding his theater plays, hit a stumbling block when Carla, a friend of his cousin Jaime became increasingly difficult. Carla, in a fit of frustration, insisted that Hugo find employment, even if it meant taking on the role of a janitor. This friction strained Hugo’s relationship with Jaime, leaving him contemplating his next move.

Without a home or job in Paris, Hugo arranged to rent a room in the outskirts of the city. However, upon landing in Paris and reviewing the rental agreement, he discovered that he was only permitted to arrive between 6 and 9 pm. An anxious call to the landlord revealed a new adjustment, obliging him to arrive after 6:30 pm.

Seeking solace amidst the chaotic circumstances, Hugo rendezvoused with his old friend Pipe in central Paris. Pipe, now residing with an Italian girl and working in a factory, provided a temporary respite from the challenges that had befallen Hugo. Their time together extended until 8:30 pm, causing Hugo to realize that he would likely arrive at his rented room after 10 pm. When he contacted the landlord once more, hoping for understanding, he was met with uncompromising rigidity. The landlord adamantly declared that Hugo would not be allowed entry, citing his strict policies. Hugo, however, pointed out the recent change in policy, reminding the landlord of the half-hour extension granted to him. Frustrated and overwhelmed by the situation, he made a firm decision to purchase a plane ticket and return to Colombia.

In the midst of his dilemma, Ginna, the Italian girl, reminded him of the high costs of December flights. Hugo, relying on his unwavering faith in the exemplary values of honesty, truthfulness, and forgiveness, declared that he trusted in God to provide a cheap ticket. Remarkably, he managed to secure an affordable ticket via Newark, United States.

Back in Bucaramanga, Hugo reunited with his beloved wife Leyla and their faithful Boston Terrier, Cleopatra. Having already packed and sold some of their belongings in October, Leyla had travelled ahead with most of their furniture to Sincelejo. Leyla and her mother Loly faced the task of repacking and shipping their remaining possessions.

Thus, Hugo Noël found himself engaged in the role of an online professor, imparting knowledge in various subjects to a virtual audience. Through rigorous examinations, he had proven his expertise in English, French, Latin, and Spanish grammar, along with a range of disciplines encompassing social sciences, arts, philosophy, and history.

The virtual realm provided an expansive platform for Hugo to share his intellectual prowess. Free from the confines of physical boundaries, his lectures transcended borders, reaching students from different corners of the globe. In the digital classroom, he interacted with learners, fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity and growth.

In the virtual sphere, Hugo's influence spanned beyond mere information delivery. His students revered his depth of knowledge and sought his guidance in navigating the complexities of academia. Through the medium of technology, he encouraged critical thinking and provided a platform for intellectual exploration.

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