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The Final Judgement - A novel, introduction

In the depths of Bucaramanga, Colombia, an extraordinary event unfolded from Friday the 17th of March to Monday the 20th. It was a time when the powers of the earth converged upon a single man, Hugo Noël, whose anointment as a Prophet in Madras on the 1st of June, 2011, marked him as a chosen vessel for God's message. Through him, Jesus Himself spoke, revealing profound truths that shook the foundations of belief.

"The Final Judgment" is an exploration of those fateful days, where the line between the earthly realm and the divine became blurred. It unveils a stunning revelation: the three days that Christ spent in the depths of Hell were not confined to the spiritual realm alone but played out upon the earth as the end of times approached.

Hugo Noël, embodying the essence of Jesus, took on the monumental task of passing judgment upon all nations and leaders, and ultimately, upon all of humanity. What made this divine drama even more awe-inspiring was the inclusion of a figure nobody expected Hugo to judge - himself. In the crucible of self-examination, the Prophet confronted his own flaws, delving into the depths of his being to face his own sins and weaknesses.

As the climactic moments of the Final Judgment unfolded, the world watched in anticipation. Nations trembled, leaders quivered, and individuals yearned for absolution. In the midst of this chaos, Pope Francis, a spiritual leader revered by millions, came to a startling realization. He understood that the third world war, the most consequential battle of all, was not waged with guns and bombs but was, in fact, a spiritual conflict.

The Final Judgment is not only a profound exploration of faith and divine intervention but also a stark reminder that the battleground of good and evil lies within the human soul. It questions our assumptions about power, responsibility, and the nature of redemption. As the pages of this extraordinary narrative unfold, the reader is invited to contemplate their own place in the grand tapestry of existence and the choices that shape their own destinies.

"The Final Judgment" challenges our perceptions, provokes introspection, and delves deep into the human experience. Prepare to embark on a journey of revelation and self-discovery that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

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