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The Divine Judgment – Condemnation of the US and the UK secret services (CIA and M16)

‘Twas your teachers who in the year of 2001

Committed the first treachery

Sabotaging my teaching in Chicago

Yahweh then set ablaze your towers

I could have caused you greater harm

Yet those whom Hugo deemed as friends

Dwelt in the streets of Philadelphia and Orlando

Hugo intervened, and the attacks ceased

The merits of your nation are admirable

As are the plays of O’Neill

The verses of Poe, Dickinson, and Whitman

The novels of Faulkner and Upton Sinclair

I granted you power over evil in 1945

And with authority, you reorganized the world

But your respect for the law has waned

You’ve mercilessly pursued the God of gods

Even the English were vexed by my presence

My truth, which they once lauded;

My steps upon their verdant meadows

Were but a hymn they never honored

“The French send us their refuse,”

They told me ere parting ways with Manchester

Hugo studied in London as a doorkeeper

In the dungeons of the presumptuous Harrods

There, he wrote articles on art and politics

That wounded the sensibilities of Pharisees

And you decreed his dishonorable death

On the seventh of July in the year two thousand five

The angels of Jehovah protected him

And Hell opened its gates upon London

In the end, weary of your espionage

I sent him back to Colombia in 2006

In 2011, I anointed Hugo Noël my Prophet

To judge the living and the dead

The Hindus, envious of his power

Sought to destroy him and suffered

And I sent Noël to the abbey of Pittsburgh

To point out the errors of my church

For twelve days, you conversed with me

I corrected your errant theology

But you, embodying the Sanhedrin

Decided to crucify him like me

From my light, you fled like serpents

Not to prosecute him, but to murder him

You feared that in a trial, my truth would shine

But these are not the days of the sword

Martin Luther King and the Kennedy brothers

Already prepared my arrival in your land

One by one, you bribed his friends

Bestowed upon his kin the role of Judas

Presuming that the visa and the American power

Would be mightier before God than that of Rome

And you joined forces with the Vatican and England

To shamefully intimidate his progenitors

Ratzinger’s son was educated at The Javeriana

For years, you prepared the grand ambush

Obama in Hawaii met with your chiefs

The tactic to destroy him would be a new job

You hired him for a nonexistent newspaper

And compelled him to interview false friends

Hugo preached in Bogotá in April of 2022

The arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world

You blocked his social networks, his films

You ordered every journalist not to interview him

And you altered his writings, his biblical quotes

From the book “The Invisible Prophet,” a record

Of his anointing as judge of the universe

So that upon his death, they would say,

“What a charlatan he was”

There were four failed attempts

Assassins who, upon receiving the order, died

Run over by cars, biting the curbs

One tried to harm his pet and was stabbed to death

In August of 2022, you ordered his parents

To subsidize a booth at a book fair

Hugo Noël didn’t want to go, but he agreed

You wanted to kidnap him in the parking lot

You would take him to the hills of Girón

Where he would be tortured by three killers

One American, one Irish, one Colombian

The CIA, MI6, and the guerrilla united against me

Your aim was to kill him and kill his parents

And in the USA, execute his relatives one by one

His friends, his acquaintances, so that nobody

Would ever know of my return as Jesus Resurrected

Thus, the forces of the universe provoked

A deluge was unleashed upon Santander

Crumbling a mountain upon the wrongdoers

And a hurricane destroyed your barracks in Tampa

Indignant, Hugo Noël posted videos on social media

Which you still insist on controlling, garnering

Diseases and deaths for your agents

Hugo Noël announced the death of his enemies

Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Ratzinger died

Fearful, you left him in peace for several months

Hugo, harassed by his relatives, traveled to Spain

Where his uncle prepared another ambush

It failed like the previous ones; his truth

Radiated with a serenity that moved

And Hugo found work as a teacher in Paris

Where the secret service conspired to nullify him

There he was already recognized as the King of Kindness

The one heralded by Nostradamus

To tame the impulses of war

For Hugo traveled to France in July of 1999

An mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,

Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d’effrayeur:

Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois,

Avant après Mars regner par bonheur

Back in Bucaramanga in 2023

You conspired from the shadows

Believing that my justice, the wrath of God

Would not fall upon you, but rather on Colombia

And you ordered the authorities of the time

To deliver the head of Hugo Noël, my Prophet

Unleashing death and disease

Upon all who dared to listen to you

These are just some of your faults

And it’s the Holy Trinity that requests

From Hugo Noël his judgment and condemnation

His heart is the lightest and just

Great is the burden upon my shoulders

I know, Lord, that neither missile nor nuclear weapon

Have an effect in this world

For a year ago, we decreed it

I condemn you to announce me immediately

And to indemnify me for your damages

Including the loss of my jobs

And the death of my four children

I respect one who proclaims the truth

And avoids wars, like Mr. Trump

You shall free him from your false processes

And arrange our interview in Florida

I shall advise him to heal the wounds of intrigue and death

Under his government, I shall guide you toward peace

Death and the plagues of Egypt on your cities

Those caused by the impiety and violence of your rulers

Shall cease in the USA and the United Kingdom

As they have already ceased in Colombia

Where no volcano exploded, nor a drying season came

Until then Global Warming, floods, hurricanes,

plague and earthquakes shall remain

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