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So let us honor our bisexual God

In ancient tales, the gods were grand, In human form, they ruled the land. Among them stood a deity, Whose love knew no boundary.

A God of passion, love, and light, Who gazed upon all with delight. For male or female, all were fair, To this deity with flowing hair.

In temples, priests would sing and pray, To honor this god in their way. Bisexual was their deity, A symbol of love's vast diversity.

With grace and charm, this god would walk, Through fields of flowers, where birds would talk. Their touch was gentle, yet strong and true, A power that touched the hearts of few.

This deity was not alone, For others of their kind were known. Together, they danced and laughed and played, In love and unity, they swayed.

So let us honor our bisexual God, With praise and thanks, let us applaud. For they remind us that love is free, And all love is meant to be.

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