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September 11 - Spiritual explanation of the Twin Towers Fall - (Excerpt from I, PETRUS ROMANUS, a...

That year he was living in England, where I also was feverishly writing essays on theology and literature.

In May I had been offered a teaching position by Northwestern University in Chicago after an arduous selection process, but I made the mistake of informing my former Temple University faculty.

My biggest flaw has been my faith in others.

One of my former tutors contacted Chicago to persuade them to hire one of his protégés in my place. As a result my position was abruptly terminated. I forgot the matter and resigned myself to teaching Spanish as a professor at the University of Manchester.

September arrived, and on the morning of the 11th, around 8 am English time, I was studying, as I did every day, The Holy Bible, and I read a passage from Psalm 54: "The Lord is the only support of my life; May their wickedness fall on those who spy on me, destroy them, Lord.”

I thought of the teachers who had conspired against me, and of Bush's indolence towards the victims of the bombings in Iraq, and told myself that this time I would continue writing my essay on atheism instead of praying to defend the nation from Washington and Franklin.

As I already mentioned, I clearly saw in my dreams the city of New York flooded, and also with an explosion in its skyscrapers.

Such dream led me to write my novel Manhattan's New Soirees, which was published in Bucaramanga in 2000, with copies sent to all countries of the world in which I had friends.

During that time I prayed the rosary every day with my ex-wife Coralie Jannin, who had converted to Catholicism after my third pilgrimage to Fatima, by virtue of my penance, crawling on her knees a kilometer before the altar of the Virgin of Fatima in 1998 , for the sins of my Colombian brothers.

It was the holy rosary that would ultimately prevent the catastrophe of the flood around 2005, but that is another story that I will relate in another book.

I will say for now that I dreamed in advance of the plane crash that landed in the Hudson, of which Tom Hanks made a movie, just days after my friend Sascha traveled to live in New York (only today I see that he did it at the request of the authorities Americans, already alert because of my visionary gifts, gifts from Jesus that I did not understand at the time).

We prayed the rosary at night.

I was concentrating on writing the essay "The Crisis of Atheism", which would eventually be published in the London newspaper "The Philosopher", when I heard insistent calls to my cell phone.

I didn't answer, but continued writing, but Coralie insisted and insisted.

-There are bombs in NY, Judy tells me!

I was already so focused on my writing that I kept working.

Judy plays the role of Gertrudis from my movie HAMLET DE AMERICA, available on my Youtube channel Santander Cinemas.

Only today, September 11 2022, I realize that all my actors were contacted and indisposed by the strange alliance of the Vatican with the FBI/CIA.

Is not USA a nation that started with religious freedom? I will address the issue in details in a book a published later in a non-Catholic country.

Coralie called me again and again. I was reluctant to answer.

Finally I decided to turn on the TV.

I watched in horror the first of the twin towers fall, and almost immediately the second.

I got down on my knees and prayed to God then, avoiding -the Lord tells me 21 years later- that the fourth plane were crashed into Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, cities where my closest US friends lived.

Today I pity those friends who sold me, intimídate by the imposing authority of the FBI.

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