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Mahomet and Christ play a tennis game


In pages of mystic prose, the Quran's lore, I've grappled with its truths, its depths explore, Accepted and rebuffed its sacred themes, In search of light within its boundless dreams.

Verses whispered secrets in my ear, To ancient realms, my soul did steer, In slumber's hold, my being did enroll, Into visions deep, my essence whole.

In twilight's realm, where time and space entwine, With Mahomet, I stood, our souls align, On courts of dreams, where destinies convene, A tennis match of faith, transcendent scene.

Before me stood Christ, Savior, so adored, With grace divine, a light in Him was stored, Rackets poised, in earnest play we met, Two souls in unity, destiny set.

With each swing, a truth intertwined, In backhand moves, mysteries defined, As volleys echoed, doctrines came to life, A dance of thoughts, a symphony of strife.

Though Mahomet's swift strokes aimed to control, Christ's divine aces surged from His soul, Two sacred aces graced our match, a dance, A purpose greater, beyond circumstance.

Though dream's undoing left my game ajar, The lesson lingered as dawn's light afar, That faith and love, in match and life's embrace, Transcend confines, unveiling boundless grace.

Let's play this cosmic game of lore and fate, Accept, rebuff, in truths we contemplate, When two souls merge, their insights combine, A higher truth emerges, brightly shine.


In dreams, I stood with Christ on hallowed ground, Mahomet's fervor and Christ's love resound, One God, proclaimed Mahomet, supreme and grand, No other raised, no equal in the land.

Yet Christ's reply, with gentle, tender grace, "I'd not accept adoration in such a place, For worship's realm, let truth be clearly shown, It's God alone whose glory should be known."

Between them both, I stood, thoughts in the air, Mahomet's conviction and Christ's compassion rare, In whispered musings, I gently weighed, Acknowledging truths both sages portrayed.

"Though One is God, as Mahomet made known, In heavens' court, where ethereal truths are sown, As earthly kings their ministers esteem, So heavenly realms house souls of sacred gleam.

Among the celestial, in God's embrace, Moses, Abraham, Mary's holy grace, And Jesus, closest to the Father's heart, For he gave his life to save us all.

Mary, whose purity salvation bore, To save from sins, an enduring core, And Mahomet's wisdom, a guiding light, Leading souls toward heaven's boundless height.

One God, threefold essence, mind and soul, Body entwined in unity's grand goal, A child, a man, eternal spirit's call, Through history's tapestry, in one, in all.

Allah, the Man and the Holy Ghost, A truth was unveiled, radiant and true, Mahomet and Christ, aligned in thought, As one with God, their essence deeply wrought.

When two minds merge, their souls ignite, A single flame, in the darkest night, All holy spirits, vast and pure, Within God's grasp, united, endure."

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