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I, THE TERRIBLE JUDGE - The struggle to get this text published

I wrote the first chapters of my mystical experiences during the past pandemic, at the beginning of 2020. I had lost my job in 2019 by the influence of powerful forces I wasn't able to denounce then: the masons, the Vatican and the Illuminati, the three heads of the Antichrist we, good-hearted people have had to endure for so many centuries.

As I was going to describe my theological discussions with the highest Vatican authorities in Saint Vincent's Abbey, I got two simultaneous calls from UNIMINUTO (Universidad del Minuto de Dios), and Teleperformance, a tele-services French company.

Burdened by debts, I accepted both jobs and archived these pages, under the assumption they haven't read them.

See also: King of Kings - First Chant. Raise up, my voice demands it

I worked 18 months in a heavy environment. As I've done throughout my life, I publicly denounced the oppression they had over workers from both companies. In UNIMINUTO the working load exceeded any reasonable demand, and in Teleperformance you were not even allowed to go to the bathroom for a pee.

They also fired me with no reason.

The Lord demanded me, then, to finish the book an publish it.

As I was preparing to do so I got a job offering me to work as a journalist.

They (The Antichrist above described) organized an attack with three assassins on the night of Tuesday September the 6th.

About 9 pm I went to bed and I saw a car driving through the unpaved roads around Bucaramanga. One monk was already delighting on violent thoughts agains me. He saw me seated on chair, naked, my hands tied, with a ball on my mouth.

"Lets see if God protects you!" he was crying loud on the car, as two other assassins were laughing into tears.

For they are sinners who believed God is an invention of the mind, or an entity that forgives all crimes, specially theirs.

Suddenly pebbles hit them from their right, from a mountain made of mud and rocks: Los estoraques.

I stood up worried and look at heaven.

A furious storm was unleashed then from the God they wer mocking. One of those storms so common on the coast "when the wind and sea contend to see who's the mightiest", but that you only see twice or thrice in Bucaramanga for a decade.

The three murderers were buried. I even saw the smashed head of a red-head killer.

I was promted by God then to published the book under the title I, The Dreadful Judge.

As I was rechecking the text I found many alterations.

They had been done in #Filbo2022 with the complicity of friends that betrayed me in the most despicable way.

I spent one night, then, correcting the text. Before publishing it I found out new alterations and interpolations. My computer was being hacked as I corrected the text!

I went on disconnecting the Internet connection as long as possible. I discover then that the attack was being made from three sources: my external hard drive, Chrome and Microsoft Office.

I moved trashed those programs and I was able to go on.

After 48 hours, on the first minutes of September 11 2022, I put into circulation the first part of I, King of Judges. I found several errors later on, that I will correct on due time.

The impact of this book is already seen in the friendly countenances of somany people in Santander, who finally understood I don't keep grudges for what they could have done me before.

I'm love and goodness, protected by all love and goodness on heaven and earth.

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