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HAMLET UNBOUND, the film that exposes all the US global injustices

Hugo Noël Santander Ferreira had always been passionate about film. As an MFA student at Temple University, he had a clear vision of the kind of films he wanted to make. He wanted to create films that would not only entertain, but also educate and inspire people to think critically about the world around them.

One day, while reading Shakespeare's Hamlet for a class, Santander had a moment of inspiration. He decided to make a film adaptation of the play, but with a twist. He wanted to use the story of Hamlet to expose all the problems of the world, starting with the neocolonialist take on South American nations by American scholars.

Santander knew that this would be a controversial topic, but he was determined to make the film anyway. He spent months researching and writing the script, carefully weaving together the themes of Hamlet with his own personal experiences as a bisexual South American filmmaker.

As he started casting actors for the film, he faced many challenges. Some actors were uncomfortable with the explicit themes of the film, while others simply didn't understand Santander's vision. But he persevered, and eventually found a talented group of actors who were willing to take on the challenge.

Filming began, and Santander poured his heart and soul into every scene. He wanted to make sure that every shot was perfect, every line delivered with the right amount of emotion and nuance.

As the film began to take shape, Santander started to feel nervous. He knew that the film would be controversial, and he worried about the reaction it would receive. But he reminded himself that he had a message to share, and he was determined to share it with the world.

Finally, the film was complete. Santander watched the final cut with a mix of pride and anxiety. He knew that the film was not perfect, but he also knew that it was an honest reflection of his vision and his experiences.

The film, titled "Hamlet Unbound", premiered at a film festival in Chennai. The audience was stunned by the raw emotion and powerful message of the film. Santander was flooded with compliments and congratulations, but he also received some backlash from critics who felt that the film was too controversial.

But Santander didn't let the criticism get him down. He knew that he had created something important, something that would make people think and question the world around them. And that was all he ever wanted to do as a filmmaker.

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