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Chapter 5. Why did I choose you?, you ask. I, PETRUS ROMANUS, a documented fiction

Today the Lord answers the question I asked eleven years ago.

Why me, Lord?

Before these inspired lines

That don't allow flattery or excuse

I let my friends

And especially my enemies

talk about my kindness

Why did I choose you?, you ask

Son of a nation without history

Thrown to the ground by his brothers

Stoned by his ancestors

Because you never hit the weak

Because you grew wonderful

And you never gave up on love

Because you never condemned

Because you always forgive

And only sin angers you

Because you never accepted

To plot, lie and betray

Because you stripped fame

Money and delusive power

And for much more, yours is time,

Yours all worlds and hosts

Presence of we all

Father, Son and the Holy Ghost

We have anointed you, Hugo Noël, yes!

On the first of June of two thousand eleven

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