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Chapter 3. The gift of healing the sick. I, PETRUS ROMANUS, a documented fiction

In THE KARAMAZOV BROTHERS, Dostoevsky prescribed, through an inquisitor, that all the sins of the world are summarized in the three temptations of Satan to Jesus Christ: MONEY, FAME and POWER: (Mathew 4.1-13).

Which of the following temptations is what prevents you, dear reader, from reaching God and earning angels at your service?


4. 1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert, to be tempted by the devil. 2 And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. 3 And the tempter came to him and said, If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread. 4 He answered and said: It is written: Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

Turning stones into bread is to get what Wall Street financiers call the Midas touch. And how sad it is to verify that all buying and selling is based on deception, that’s to say on lies.

My grandfather Noel was admired in Charalá for his skills as a businessman. It’s said that one Saturday afternoon, while he was playing poker in his bakery, in a corner of Charalá that is now a museum, a man that we may call Mr. León, parked a truck with twenty cattle he had bought in Arauca.

“How much are they worth?” he asked Señor León, who came in to order a cold beer.

"A thousand pesos".

“I buy them,” he said in front of everyone present.

“Sold,” agreed Mr. León, agreeing to receive the money on Monday, when banks were opened.

Then a landowner named Vargas entered and, admiring the cattle, asked who they belonged to.

"They are mine," said Noel, “but they are on sale for three thousand pesos.”

"I buy them," Vargas said before Leon's stunned face.

León tried to claim the cattle back from my grandfather, arguing that the hardest job had been his, traveling for 3 days on unpaved roads, but when Noel invoked the given word–at that time it was more honored than the written word, León had no choice but to leave the bakery upset.

My grandfather's cunning earned him admirers and enemies, but the Creator called him to his bosom at the age of 36, and the Santander family, in the hands of adolescents and candid ladies, went from being one of the wealthiest in the region to another one of the many that hardly survives.

My childhood was spent in the care of my dad’s aunt, Jesuita, called Tita, who in her senile delusions recounted to me the glory days of the Santander family, of whose dynasty I would be the main heir, owner of farms whose extension extended "beyond the horizon".


4. 5 Then the devil took him to the holy city, and placed him on the pinnacle of the temple, 6 and said to him: If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down; because it is written: To the angels of him he will command over you, and, In his hands they will hold you, So that you do not stumble with your foot on stone. 7 Jesus said to him, It is also written: You shall not tempt the Lord your God.

Around May 1986, at the age of 17, I personified Federico García Lorca at the Teatro La Comedia de Bogotá (Today Teatro Libre de Chapinero), under the direction of the renowned TV actor and director Victor Hugo Morant.

All the academic and literary intelligence, in addition to entertainment gurus and owners of the big media, applauded my histrionic performance during the first act of the play REMEMBERING LORCA. My dressing room was flooded with moguls and celebrities who promised to hire me as an actor the following week.

Then the second act began. Something inside me rebelled against that fame so easily acquired by virtue of the talents that the Creator had given me; that inner impulse that we do not know and that so often leads us to commit acts that we don’t understand.

In the final monologue I interrupted my performance to correct my own words, expressing a gesture of forgetfulness on my face. A groan of disapproval and surprise spread through the 1200-audience. I had just broken into pieces the crystal promises that Bogotá had given me just about half an hour ago.

That self that we are and we can’t know, is the one I have recognized as my eternal self or my guardian angel, the one that psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham aptly called the unknown grid of the Johari window.

If I hadn't messed up my acting at the age of 17, I would certainly have achieved fame as an actor on Colombian television in those years. “He is very talented”, they would have said about my good fortune.

Like so many successful young people, I’d have immersed myself in the pleasures of the world, and I would have been, from my podium, mean to those artists who, having merit, were not able to reach a stable job, simply because they didn’t have the chance.

Orson Welles highlighted, in the last years of his career, the importance that luck had in his career. Such luck is but the second temptation endured by Jesus on the gospels, that of throwing oneself into stardom and preserving it with lies and plots.

Such easy fame is today vaunted by the few influencers who dominate social networks in each language.

The second temptation was presented to me again on January 31, 2014, when the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, exalted me among the 100 Colombians who best represented Colombia in the world, citing paradoxical verses from my play THE LOOT, DEAD BIRD FLY HIGH (EL BOTÍN, AVE MUERTA VUELA ALTO):

SAMUEL.- But we create the future; we have to connect with our deepest desires and all obstacles will be blessings.

Santos offered me, shaking my hand, one of the coveted grants for one billion pesos, in order to make one of my films through PROIMÁGENES. Again my guardian angel refused to take the bait of easy fame at the expense of others, and my response was:

"We are working on that".

I turned him towards the cameras delicately, but with a firm hand, and with such a triumphant look on his perplexed face, that a Spanish friend commented that the person who seemed to be the President of Colombia was me and not the future Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Santos did not like the scene, and later on ignored the three or four messages that I wrote to him in reference to a documentary I was making about the ill-used funds for the displaced in Colombia.

The characters in that documentary were threatened, according to them, by Santos’ envoys, "because we spoke ill of him to the journalists in England." A reference to my correspondence with documentary filmmaker Charlie Philips of The Guardian newspaper, who was able to watch and comment on scenes from the documentary.

The obstacles that I faced in triggered 8 attacks against me that I will talk about later. That they have failed eludes any logical explanation. All those involved in them have fallen ill or died, to the point that already in Bogotá they know that it is not convenient to attack who they recognize, negatively, as God's protégé.

The latest attacks by Bogota elites occurred at FILBO 2022 and through a contract for the provision of services with the Ministry of Education under Alejandro Gaviria.

A flash storm that uncovered rooftops this September prompted ministry bureaucrats to give up their attacks, as I will recount in another of my incoming books.

But the greatest temptation of fame has been, throughout my life, to apply to the multitudes the gift that Jesus gave me of healing the sick.

Those who have attacked me the most, my enemies, have realized this and, paradoxically, they are the ones who have approached me to relate the sufferings of their relatives, in the expectation that it will be me, and not them, who will ask for their healing.

In the end, his insistence is so great that I chose to follow the farce (farce, since they already know it) of telling them that the Lord has blessed me with the gift of healing. Their cures were always accompanied by my warning not to divulge it.

My mother, whom, as I will relate, has been healed by me several times, was admonished by her confessor, who asked her to suffer illnesses in silence without requiring my spiritual gift again.

The last time I attended mass of my own free will in 2019, it was at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Bucaramanga.

A furious Jesuit recognized me and fixed his fiery eyes on my face to shout from the pulpit that the miracle of healing was a big lie.

The punishment of the Lord was not long in coming; his harangue was such that in a few seconds his tongue launched an insult of the worst kind, scandalizing his devoted attendance.

Sadly, that prelate was one of the first to die during the COVID 19 epidemic.

But last May the Lord ordered me to get up from my spiritual lethargy and announce to the world his constant presence in my life.

And it is just now, looking for the vignette of the angels as extraterrestrials, that I find another prediction by Parravicini, announcing in 2022 the return of the Lord Jesus Christ as the compassionate healer of the sick, as he used to be two thousand years ago.


4. 8 Another time the devil took him to a very high mountain, and he showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, 9 and said to him: All this I will give you, if you bow down and worship me. 10 Then Jesus said to him, Go away, Satan, for it is written: You will worship the Lord your God, and him only you will serve.

Those who attain power are often mentored by witches, wizards, and palmists who assure them that all power is maintained in this world through satanic rites such as sacrifices of children to Moloch.

In THE WITCH (LA BRUJA), Germán Castro Caicedo chronicled for the first time the existence of brotherhoods among school teachers who remained in their posts, often embezzling the coffers destined for education, giving food or drinks with graveyard dirt to the unwary who dared to criticize them.

Just a few weeks ago, the academic and social elite of Bucaramanga tried to apply the same spell against me. Since the Lord anointed me as his prophet, and promised to protect me until the day I die at an advanced age that only I know, I had no problem drinking the coffee that was offered to me in La Casa del Libro Total, around the middle of May 2022.

At night I felt the anguish typical of souls in pain. Armed with an invincible faith in the superiority of those who enjoy divine protection - the theme of my novel GOTHIC ANDES (ANDES GÓTICA) -, I confronted a being without a head and without a femur, whom I educated in the mysteries of the afterlife.

“Read my story THE BEST HOSTEL, from my book CONFESSIONS OF THE DEAD”, I told him with sincere compassion.

The ghost returned gratefully and led me to a third floor, where he showed me the gray entrance door to the apartment of the philosopher who had planned that spell. “Applying all forms of struggle”, he had written on his Facebook wall.

That malevolent man have since then been tortured by that very soul and several demons.

Those who have seen the film THE CONJURING 3 (2021) understand the fate of sorcerers who summon demons against beings of light.

In fact, I studied some books on witchcraft, just to verify what Swedenborg already announced in his writings about these pathetic beings who seek to dominate the future with dark spells.

Several stories of my book ENCRYPTED HISTORY (HISTORIA CIFRADA), chronicle the failure of mafias that are dedicated to astrology, cards, the I-Ching and all its variations. The only forces that determine the course of time and space are love and kindness, the same forces that correspond to light and truth.


11 The devil then left him; and behold, angels came and ministered to him.

The beautiful thing about renouncing these three sirens of the world is that, like Jesus, we prove to men and to the universe that we are worthy children of God, confident in the omnipresence of the Creator.

No suffering or calamity can scare or hurt us, because we recognize in each leaf that falls from a tree the divine will and wisdom.

In April and May 2022, Vatican agents asked a series of questions in interviews with communicators in Colombia, just after the sabotage and failed attacks of Filbo 2022, where I exposed the spiritual truths that govern the universe throughout twelve conferences available at my YouTube channel Santander Cinemas.

The interview is part of my documentary LOVE ACCORDING TO POETS (EL AMOR SEGÚN LOS POETAS, 2022). A second part will be called THUS I JUDGE THE NATIONS.

In one of its main scenes, a journalist told me before the country that my life must be very sad after we lost four children, one after another, every year, with my wife Leyla. My response was that for us these losses were gains, for, with the certainty of eternity, we know that they live better with God in paradise, than in the abysses of this world.

I quoted the Mahabharata:

“If you die, you will gain heaven; if you win, you will enjoy the world.”

Pope Francis also mocked me when I asserted that there were angels who helped us in difficult situations. His teasing of the angels is vox populi since Netflix presented the film THE TWO POPES (2019).

But it was an angel who came to the rescue of my distraught wife Leyla after the loss of our third baby, whispering in her ear as she entered the operating room, "Don't worry, everything will be fine," and it was another angel in the form of a woman who came by car to offer me help after a traffic accident in Bogotá in 2009.

In 2015, during the rehearsals of El Botín, when I was successively attacked in Bogotá for the incidents described above, lights from what appeared to be UFOs flickered over my apartment, following me around the city.

It is worth mentioning that those of us who have studied the drawings of the Argentine seer Parravicini know that the angels are the same aliens, also in accordance with the Book of Genesis (28,12.)

I will talk later about the prophecies of Parravicini, who spoke of a dead child who would recognize Jesus Christ in 2022.

Master in dance and theater Camilo Hernández was skeptical about it, until I revealed such lights to him and Diana Barragán in the sky. He then screamed, fidgeted and concluded, unable to accept unknown forces in the heavens, that they must have been secret military objects.

The most recent angel intervened when a Christian church set a trap for me next to the San Antonio de Padua nursing home in Bucaramanga; a motorcycle crashed into my car with the intention of suing me with the complicity of a Transit officer.

Then a man who identified himself as the tangerine vendor on the corner, intervened to contradict them and blame the motorcyclist for the incident, further surmising that the motorcyclist was drunk.

I applied the gift of healing to the injured motorcyclist, who suffered no further damage. His motorcycle remained the sam, inexplicably without dents or scratches.

That tangerine man gave us his cell phone number and helped us by changing a tire on my car.

Next day his cell phone number disappeared from our phone list. We looked for him in that corner for several days, but never found him.

Significantly, before the accident I stopped before the statue of Saint Anthony of Padua and the baby Jesus to pray, as I always did in a Porto church in 1999.

I transcribe the King of Kings poem that I wrote on a birthday card to my nephew Jack, from whom the forces that dominate the world have distanced me since. By the grace of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I healed him of autism, when he was just three years old:

Fourteenth Chant- I never faced the world alone

To Jack Alexander Haynes

I never faced the world alone

And if ten thousand fell to my right

And millions to my left

It was the hosts of God that triumphed

I was only a protégé of their angels

As you can still be, my son

Don't forget the power of these tips

As you enter the world on your eighth birthday

I am the living testimony that if you are fair

Rejecting evil or confabulation

You not longer have to fear anyone

Or anything, because those who attack you

Will suffer the fury of all Saints

That protect the Righteous sacred steps

Be a child of kindness, our pride

Worthy of heaven and earth

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