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Kennedy's  Crimes
Jungle-born citizen Ulysses has been sent by his mother to succeed in Globalization. The best he can do is to have a couple of love affairs, to fall into debts, and to get an underpaid job. After a fight with her lover, a shot is heard.

He is blamed for the death of Jake M. Junior.

Judged by a court of 12 Lords--all of them with animal titles (Lord Horse, Lord Lion, Lord Pig, etc.,) Ulysses is found guilty of murdering Jake M. Junior (who happens to be a Chihuahua Dog). Ulysses gets seven years in prison: a happy event, since now his mother can move to Globalization.

Kennedy Gamarra is about to be conscripted by the army of Colombia, his native country. His father, Humberto, is trying to get a document that will spare his son a two-year stay in an army that is currently fighting a non-declared civil war against a communist guerrilla. Humberto, however, is more concern about how to steal money from Vidriencol, the company he works for. He needs extra money to keep on with his affair with Aminta, the company's secretary.

Kennedy, on the other hand, expects to avoid the conscription by becoming a father. He has a romance with Eliana, the daughter of Porcia, his dad's boss. Eliana, who has just return from an abortion, lies to Kennedy and tells him that she had never been pregnant.

    Kennedy tells off his father for his affair. They fight and Kenney decides, then, to become independent by getting enlisted in the army.

    Months later, Kennedy returns to the offices of Vidriencol, where he begs help from Aminta and Marino- the company's accountant. Kennedy appears to have committed a crime. He has also deserted and is in the run. Marino and Aminta avoid him. He meets then Eliana, who has a new boyfriend and scuffs him. Finally Kennedy meets his father, who helps him to abandon the country. But then, Kennedy is surprised by two gunmen.

Getting out of jail, Ulysses paints landscapes. Lord Pig and Lord Serpent have a fight before him. Lord Pig is badly beaten and the Lords blame Ulysses.

Ulysses, on the run, meets his mother, who is now a 14-year old girl--she has gone through a brain implant or body implant ("it depends of the point of view you want to look at it"). Meanwhile, Ulysses paintings become the most expensive in the world--as critics judged them the sub product of a serial killer's mind.

Ulysses is knighted as Lord Crocodile.

Crime & Impunity

Miriam wants to invite Victor, his drug-addict 36-year-old school-mate, to a big party. She doesn't suspect the reaction of Victor, who became a Muslim after spending one year in the United Kingdom. Victor is certainly quite prepared to reassure Laura's faithfulness to her distant husband.
Tania, who spent 9 months in prison with Miriam, wakes up and complains that the spirit of Victor is hunting her. They both are, in fact, accused of killing Victor.

Last working days

The First date of Norida Ocampo

CHARLES. -I've been working in this office for eleven years. You are my new boss, I recognise it! But you should respect my life a little bit, don't you think? You look into my computer without my persmission. Don't deny it! What do you want? To get me fired? Oh. God! What I have I done to you? I have visited web sites of dubious reputation, yes! But that was an accident. We are in the 90s. And you are a woman. Would you be able to understand the life of a honest, solitary man?

ANN. -Thank me later on, my dear, won't you? I'm tired of seeing you always in the same suit. true, that color goes well with your sombre mood. Grey, herald of tempests; grey, a color for tempestuous thoughts.  Your shirt and your socks must be white -though  I heard that's a working-class trend. I tried to get you a bow tie in a matching tone, but, God, I couldn't find it!
Cortes & Moctezuma

Cortez y Moctezuma

MOCTEZUMA. "What towers! What buildings! Our civilization used to surprise us all, invention after invention! Every sacrifice was a motive of happiness and remorse.  (Pause.) Now we are only cinders. My dead will announce your end, Tenochtitlan. Nothing will remain of us; no word of our astronomers, no ruin of our temples, no song of the epic of Chimalpococa.

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