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Sport Martirs

Poor's slaves

«A Frenchwoman attempting to break the world free diving record drowned... she was trying to break the "no limits" dive world record recognized by his association... In another deep dive, Tanya Streeter reached a depth of 525 feet in Turks and Caicos...»

We should drop a tear for a woman who died in an effort to improve our lives. And we should rejoice to know that Tanya Steeter did not die this time. Their deeds will be forever admired by the drowned and the press.


«She [Gabriella Spanic] admits that beauty is important, even though she doesn't consider herself to be a slave of her body. Her passions are: bikinis, shoes and cosmetics.»

«I'm honored to volunteer for the American Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet. It gives me great pleasure to be able to help them with the lifesaving role they play everyday in communities worldwide.» -- Gabriela Spanic

Gabriella is not another slave of her body. I picture her giving outfashioned bikinis, shoes and cosmetics to the poor.

Delightful Girls

Do you love me with your heart

Or with your eye—that’s to say

With the impression of the-light?


There is no prostitution without tits

« ...nearly a year before the Titanic's maiden voyage, publications such as the Irish News and Belfast Morning News and Shipbuilder printed detailed articles about the ship's construction and noted that 'The Captain may, by simply moving an electric switch, instantly close the doors throughout and make the vessel practically unsinkable.'»

All titans were sent by Zeus into the entrails of the sea. But you Titanic, a shipwreck as presumptuous as the gods,  were made, sank and rescued by the uninformed.

«Reuters... offered a review of the wildly popular Colombian television series "Sin Tetas" ("Without Tits"). The show's teenage protagonist, Catalina, doesn't have large enough breasts for her liking -- and, more crucially, she also doesn't have money, job prospects or a future. She believes that getting the former will bring her the latter, which is how we get Reuters' contemplative headline: "Do big breasts lead to paradise? Colombia asks... Reuters reports that the horrors suffered by the would-be teen prostitute are based on a true story, and represent the real-life circumstances of many young women in a country torn by a guerrilla civil war and a thriving illegal drug trade. »

We have to understand that thieves have also a harsh life. The wretched are driven into drugs by a society that obliges them to study too hard in order to get a professional degree. Both prostitutes and thieves cannot read. They just lack that chromosome. Instead, they are born for the easy life, and their main concern is how to get immediate  bodily satisfaction without much effort. If they have to rob or to get a breast implant to seduce a gangster, their society, and only their society is  there to blame.

Las Vegas


«Throughout the 1990's and through 2000 and 2001, Nevada had a dubious distinction: the highest suicide rate in the United States... "People come here with expectations of fame and fortune and what-have-you. And when those expectations are not met, they have no support," Flatt explains. "They become depressed and suicidal."»

Lying on gambler's suicide low rate
I saw Las Vegas, city of Hispanic tenders
Where marmoreal mausoleums gleam

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