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America from South to North

Bloodless Moon

Kyrgyz people


Stop thy circle, Oh, continuous heavens
Hold the sun yonder this terrain of peace

And keep the starts motionless over the sea
Retain the waters, annihilate the thorns

Of events frustrated by becoming days,
And let us delay this solitary encounter

When my beloved so happy over my lap sleeps
Sharing few days after so long an absence,

A simple night drown by many a night to come
And if numbers lie, then allow us lie in death

Stop thy circle, Oh, continuous heavens
Let us become forever one in and out of this land

For today the universe can claim
That history and creation is all justified by our single kiss


Again our journey has no end
Our provisions are spent
Sleepless nights had sickened us
I feel the frost gangrening your hands

Yet you once believed in me
In the island I promised our sons
Now, before these furious waves
Only the reefs echo in our ears

We surmounted many abysms,
We endured collisions and a blaze
Dead marshes, the highest cliff
The earth looked so small beneath
Now, then, go take that cargo ship
It will convey you gently to your port
Leeward my canoe wades—behold
The end of my journey seems so close

This sea is merely an impetuous pond
Of whirls, titans and thunderstorms
I will arrive, my love, to call you back
Or if I die I'll gently wait for you

Choral Songs for the Promised Day

To the reader

From the depths of chaos and mistrust
Along an orb that lacks account or end
You have come humble to this day
Ennobled by tears, heralds of your soul

From the depths of prescribed duty
Along streets branded by desire
You have misguided relatives and friends
Beings that scorn innocent smiles

Child born before and after every age
Forged in indolence by trembling words,
Errors that keep terrors from the past
Bygone pinnacles of tenacity and pride

Daily trials hale or sicken our common fate
Life, maze of cristal, wheat and blood
It would be so dark without a candle light
So unhappy without a willingness to love

There is no time, no space, no wealth,
Only the remembrance of a naked heart
Over success, sickness, paternity and death
Forget and embellish your decaying flesh

Ponder beyond eternity and death,
And if fear and suspicion mould your acts
Fear the awe-inspiring orchestration of today
And suspect the imminence of another life

A poem
Read by the author

Hugo Santander Ferreira © First Film Productions 2011